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I’m OK, mom

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

My poor mother is worried about me since I haven’t made an entry since Monday – it’s OK, mom!  Tuesday (last night) was a very late night at Devil’s Elbow so I am a bit behind with all of my backing up of pictures, etc.  Think I’m too tired for a proper entry, so best to hit the sack and write tomorrow.  It will be a good one, I promise… what a night!  Anyway, I’m just checking in quickly now – but here is a photo of an interesting place I passed right before crossing into Missouri:

Al Capone's hangout and brothel - for a god time, look for the red cherry in the drink to be lit

Al Capone's hangout and brothel - for a good time, check the sign's drink for a lit cherry

The Luna Cafe in Mitchell, IL dates back to 1924 and is one of the oldest businesses still alive on Route 66.  Apparently this was one of Al Capone’s old stomping grounds – and was also a brothel.  If the red cherry in the neon sign’s drink was lit, that meant the ladies were in and they were open for business.

Unlike me, right now.  Definitely not open for business.



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