Sandi Wheaton's photographic journey from Chicago to LA with a Jeep, an Aliner trailer and a bunch of cameras

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the Campfire in a Can in action (note propane tank from trailer and neat carrying canister)

Sandi blogging next to her Campfire in a Can

pictureRoute66 follows the travels of Canadian photographer Sandi Wheaton as she journeys along Route 66,  capturing it on beautiful-but-now-obsolete Kodak black and white infrared film.   At the same time, she is  shooting digital stills from her car dash every few seconds, that will ultimately be combined into one time-lapse video documenting the length of Route 66.

How did this come about?  Like a lot of workers in Detroit, Sandi was recently let go from her 12-year video production job at General Motors.  The silver lining was that she finally has time to do this trip, something she’s wanted to do for years.  She hopes to find a new path doing what she loves most: traveling, taking pictures and sharing what she discovers.

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