Sandi Wheaton's photographic journey from Chicago to LA with a Jeep, an Aliner trailer and a bunch of cameras

2 Days

Friday, September 18th, 2009

2 days.

After weeks of people asking me, “when are you leaving?”, I finally have an answer: in 2 days.

The trailer is mostly packed.  Still need to add all of the photo/computer gear, get the bed situation worked out, and install the CO/propane gas leak detector.  There are a bunch of last-minute things to take care of and pack up, but I have set the departure date for Saturday.

My thought is this: if I drive from Detroit to (near) Chicago on Saturday, I’ll be able to start the big drive in downtown Chicago on Sunday morning, avoiding facing huge Chicago city traffic with a trailer that I am just starting to learn how to tow.  (By the way, learning how to back up a small trailer with a small vehicle like a Jeep is really hard!  …and, riding my Jeep’s stiff and deep clutch the whole time during back-up-trailer-training screwed up my left knee.  Feels all cartilage-y.  Ungood.)

Last night I was kept awake by my brain gearing up.  I must confess, I am somewhat freaked about this big solo road trip.  I keep reminding myself of times in my past when I didn’t feel like doing something, but did it anyway because it was in line with a bigger goal than just the comfort of the sameness of the moment — and how glad I was after the fact that I did it.

I’m latching onto that thought, because my bed is looking a lot more comfy right now than a cold air mattress and sleeping bag.

more comfy than an air mattress

air mattress, or this?


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